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‘Transform tension into relaxation.’


I find intense pleasure in being creative and connecting with people on a profound level in the water. I love witnessing the transformation of people during sessions. Clients have gained better flexibility, deeper states of relaxation and an increased contact with their inner self.

How hydrotherapy recipients describe their therapy session:

Hydrotherapy availability:

Mon 7:00-9:00 am Wed 7:00-9:00 am Fri 7:00-9:00 am Sat 6:30-8:30 pm

Hydrotherapy includes Aquatic Bodywork, Floatation Therapy and Aquatic Contact Improvisation Dance.

Aquatic Bodywork

Aquatic Bodywork, is also known as Watsu. Watsu is an evolution of Zen Shiatsu, which takes the massage practice in warm water. It was established as a therapeutic practice in 1980 by Harold Dull in California.

People can experience the sessions as being profoundly relaxing. The immersive experience in the water gently supports your movement and takes you to the limits of your flexibility. It has been described as a guided meditation in the water, which can take people on a journey.

An Aquatic Bodywork session consists of a sequence of graceful and subtle, yet fluid and dynamic movements, guided by a trained practitioner. You will be floating in chest-deep water heated pool.

After floating on the surface, when you are ready and tuned in with your breathing rhythm, you are gently submerged. You will access 360 degrees of complete freedom, without the constraint of gravity.

Aquatic Bodywork combines the powerful therapeutic benefits of weightlessness in warm water with fluid movements, gentle stretches, rotations and massage. In water, our body weight is reduced, this allows a skilled therapist to float you effortlessly, subtly amplifying your movements, and assisting in releasing rigidity and stiffness.

Clinical research over the past two decades has shown a host of benefits. These include improved posture, reduced back pain, relaxed muscles, mobilised joints, deepened breathing, lowered stress and decreased anxiety.

Aquatic Bodywork is often recommended to people suffering from Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sports rehabilitation. Pregnant women, over-weight people or people with reduced mobility have also benefited.

The hydrostatic properties of the water, or the pressure that the aquatic medium exerts on a body, has been shown to help increase superficial circulation and lymphatic function, and reduce swelling and sensation of pain.

You do not have to be a swimmer to participate in or benefit from hydrotherapy. No previous experience is required. In fact, Aquatic Bodywork has been shown to help overcome deeply rooted fears of water in carefully guided in a safe environment. It is suitable for all ages and abilities.

Floatation Therapy

‘Imagine floating in warm water, free from the constraints of gravity, bathing in silence.’

Your body floats unrestricted and expresses what it remembers in a slow and delicate dance. Your thoughts slow down as you float in silence submerged in warm water and supported by the therapists’ arms and floatation aids. People often experience a form of meditative relaxation, mental wellbeing and regeneration.

Floating alone on the water surface, people often experience a more comfortable and deeply relaxed state. People can access a state of being, rather than doing.

‘You feel like you are floating within an ocean or feeling safe and free, experiencing a limitless space.’

The therapy has been shown to enable pregnant women to become aware of their bodies and to release tensions. It also can help couples to establish gentle contact with their baby in a womb.

Aquatic Contact Improvisation

A new form of contemporary dance in the water called Aquatic Contact Improvisation (ACI) can contain many different states, aspects and patterns. It was inspired by Contact Improvisation dance founded by Steve Paxton in 1980 in California.

It is an improvised dance using aerial reality, freedom, fluid movement and somatic experience in the warm water combined with conscious breathing which can take you into different states and aspects.

The intention of ACI practice is to raise an emotional awareness, opening and expanding our consciousness to experience life more fully, focusing on deepening our sensitivity and perception of our inner and outer environments.

Learn to bring attention to the centre of your body and soft limbs underlying movement principles of the human development process of movement, emotional intelligence, embodied awareness, release physical and emotional stress, buried deep within from early childhood.

Your dance can be experimental, playful, embodied, energetic and meditative. You will be supported moving with shared weight, physical sensation and deep listening, which require a special quality of attention. Express your vision and sensitivity to listen to yours and your dance and momentum of the water.

The dance form takes a place in the heated pool on 1 to 1 basis and in groups.


‘You are only as old as your spine.’

The Yoga practice from HE AQUATICS is specifically designed for people who wish to maintain their sporty lifestyle. This approach is one of the most efficient ways to improve strength, mobility and body awareness.

Clients often find Yoga classes with Helena enables them to perform better, prevent injury, increase breathing efficiency, enhance recovery and improve mental skills.

You will be carefully guided to come into yoga poses and stretches, which will enable you to find a balance of body and mind through breathing.

You can experience different monthly sequences, which use key elements of yoga supplemented by controlled breathing, visualisation techniques and meditation sessions.

Helena will be instructing students of all abilities from beginners through to experienced users. She can adapt her knowledge to suit individual clients who might be using yoga as a respite from their various ailments.

Weekly classes:

Tue 7-8 am - the Southbourne beach Wed 1-2 pm - The Retreat NEW FOREST Sun 7-8 am - online class

‘Regular sessions focusing on mobility and flexibility pay a huge dividend when it comes to staying healthy as you age. Helena’s classes helped me stay injury free, increased my upper torso mobility, ameliorated an ongoing cuff injury, also protected my knees.’ Customer quote


’Natural Bournemouth swimmers’

Tue 9:30-11:30 and Friday 9:30-11:30 – Hotel Collingwood

‘’Nurture your little natural born swimmer’’

The organisation of my swimming classes reflects the STA badges system and Aqua Sensory approach.

SEA HORSES 0-6 months

Perfect introduction to pool environment and swimming class. Slow down, ground your feet and observe your breath. Let little floater to be rather than to do. Enjoy the skin-to-skin contact. Lay down the foundation for swimming and confidence. Be supported to build your confidence and safety in the water. Joyful playful time to sing and float all together on tummy and back, for example with flip-flop, open and close gate. Experience magical bonding with your baby, floating and splashing and creating life long memories.

DOLPHINS 6 months to 1.5 years

Your toddler will love dipping cheeks, blowing bubbles, pushing toys, scooping hands, kicking legs, holding on, turning, gliding and diving. Learn to guide your toddler gently and keep close contact with safety holds and positions in the water. Discover playful duet and group games using Aqua Sensory floating on a back under the rainbow or holding the mirror in their hands and miming – smiley face, laughing, blowing kisses. The class pace is child led, flexible and sensitive to the needs of every child. Observe your child progression into more dynamic holds and figure of 8 floating.

OCTOPI 1.5 to 2.5 years

Be prepared to step back and let your toddler have a great fun and swim more independently. We are introducing the use of floatation aids like back packs and arm band discs for independent swimming. Let your toddler dive into interactive games with the floatation aids, vibrant toys, poolside and other children. We will use songs and repeated actions for embedding good swim practices above and under water.

WHALES 2.5 – 5 years

Independent little swimmers enjoy more progressive swimming and water safety skills. Enjoy learning star, pencil and mushroom floating, jumps, treading water, rocket glides, sea horse races, diving through tunnel to collect treasure. Playful swimming journey leads to front and back puddle, breaststroke, dolphin kick, jumping and diving.


Helena is a dedicated professional, certified Hydrotherapy practitioner, swimming and Yoga teacher, and a founder of HE AQUATICS.

Her approach hydrotherapy incorporates elements of massage, stretches, dance, breath-work and underwater submersions. Her sessions are person-centred led, improvised, following the organic choreography of the body in the water. She has a proven track record of providing sessions at leading spa centres, hotels, charities and schools. With 18 years experience of the Performing Arts, she has developed the sensitivity to listen, connect and open up people on a deeper level.

Helena is STA qualified coach for Baby and Pre-School children, beginners and non-swimmers of all ages. She offers child led swimming lessons to develop swimming skills, technique and confidence in the water. She has an enthusiastic and positive attitude towards being in the water and swimming. Holds good verbal and non-verbal communication. Proven ability to inspire confidence and motivate swimmers using creative skills, perseverance and patience.


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