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Transform tension into relaxation


Imagine floating in warm water, free from the constraints of gravity, bathing in silence. Your body floats unrestricted and expresses what it remembers in a slow and delicate dance. A skilled practitioner subtly amplifies your movements, assisting in releasing rigidity and stiffness. Your mind flows into a deeply relaxed state.

Helena Eflerová has been trained in Aquatic Bodywaves with Manuela Blanchard founder of Earth and Water Dance and in Aquatic Bodywork with Steve Karle founder of Poetry in Water and director of British School of Aquatic Bodywork. ⁠

Benefits at the physical level

Our bodies feel more comfortable and relaxed in warm water and the ideal temperature is around 33-35°C. The Aquatic Bodywork combines powerful therapeutic benefits of weightlessness in warm water with fluid movements, gentle stretches, rotations and massage.

In water, our body weight is reduced by 70 to 80%, this allows bodyworker to carry effortlessly over-weight people or people with reduced mobility.

Aquatic Bodywork also helps with reducing pains of various origins such as back pain, relieves the spine, amplifies movements, relaxes muscles, mobilises joints, deepens breathing, stress, fears and blockages can be released.

Enables pregnant women to become aware of their bodies and to release tensions. Helps couples to establish contact with their baby in a womb gently.

Recommended to people suffering with Parkinson’s disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and sport rehabilitation.

Benefits at the mental and emotional level

Aquatic Bodywork is ideal for people looking for a holistic therapy focused on inner development. Our thoughts slow down as we float in silence submerged in warm water and supported by the practitioner’s arms. We experience a form of meditative relaxation, mental wellbeing and regeneration.

Aquatic Bodywork therapy assist reduce daily stress, anxieties, depression, addictions, obsessions and insomnia. It stimulates creativity and promotes verbal and non-verbal expression.

People appreciate being able to close their eyes, to let go, surrender, relax and revitalise.


Treatments are available in your own home pool and in various locations along the South Coast from Bournemouth to Lee on Solent depending on your preference and subject to availability:

Individual single session 60 minutes - £90

Individual block of 5 sessions 60 minutes - £375

Aquatic Bodywork Block of 5 sessions £75 each - £375 paid in advance and saving of £75

Ambassador single session 60 minute - £70

Ambassador block of 5 sessions 60 minutes - £275

Aquatic Bodywork Block of 5 sessions £55 each - £275 paid in advance and saving of £75

Couple sessions single session 120 minutes - £150

Couple block of 5 sessions 120 minutes - £675

Aquatic Bodywork Block of 5 sessions £135 each - £675 paid in advance and saving of £75

Group session:

The prices per hour for Aquatic Bodywork treatment and exclusive hire of the pool are dependent on the number of participants within a group and are as follows: 2 people will be charged £80 per hour / £40 each 3 people will be charged £87 per hour / £29 each 4 people will be charged £92 per hour / £23 each 5 people will be charged £95 per hour / £19 each 6 people will be charged £102 per hour / £17 each 7 people will be charged £105 per hour / £15 each 8 people will be charged £112 per hour / £14 each

Included: 45 minutes treatment of Aquatic Bodywork in the pool, consultation, equipment (floats, head cushion, nose clip and ear plugs) and pool hire.

Terms & Policies

For the Aquatic Bodywork sessions or packages full payment is required to confirm your booking.

Making any substantial advance payments are non-refundable, regardless of the client's reason for cancelling.

Please allow at least 7 days prior to your appointment time to re-book session in writing. Failure to do this will incur full charge of the treatment booked.

If you are unable to attend and reschedule you will not incur a charge, however if this is done on 2 consecutive occasions full charge of the treatment will be necessary.

I am hiring private hydrotherapy pools that are fully booked in advance and owners of the pools tend to charge for the pool hire. I have difficulties to find last minute client.


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